Case Study – Hawkins Lane

Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire


Planning consent was obtained for the construction of a single steel framed industrial unit on a piece of brownfield land on Hawkins Lane, Burton upon Trent.

A condition of the approval was for a Phase I and Phase II site investigation to be carried out on the site and be approved by the Local Planning Authority prior to commencement of the development.

We were appointed to carry out these investigations.


  • Phase I Desktop Study & Site Walkover Survey
  • Phase II Intrusive Site Investigation
  • Discharge the Planning Conditions
  • Recommend a suitable foundation for the building


  • Site walkover survey
  • Historic map regression
  • Review of third party environmental, geological and flood risk assessment reports
  • On site excavation of trial pits
  • Contamination and geo-technical testing on¬†excavated soil samples
  • Traditional pad foundations cast on to the underlying sands and gravels