Case Study – Varsity Grange

Mickleover, Derby


Varsity Grange is a large residential development at the former University of Derby’s Mickleover Campus. The original university buildings were demolished to make way for a mixture of terraced, semi-detached and detached properties along with two apartment blocks. The buildings were to be traditionally built utilising loadbearing masonry walls to support the floors and roof. We were employed by The Radleigh Group as their consulting Engineers for the project.


  • Supplementary site investigation works, for the purposes of establishing plot specific ground conditions to aid foundation design
  • Plot specific recommendations for foundation design and detailing
  • Superstructure design for stability, loose steel beams, padstones and masonry piers
  • Locate and detail superstructure movement joints
  • Discharge National House Building Councils (NHBC) technical queries relating to structure
  • Check supplier’s calculations and drawings for structural compliance
  • Attendances at design team meetings


  • Soil sampling was performed to identify areas where the ground had not been desiccated by trees to alleviate the need for heave protection, saving the client material costs
  • Trial pitting to establish the extent of made / disturbed ground following the demolition of the existing structures
  • Provide pile loads and setting out information
  • Design, detail and scheduling of plot specific reinforced concrete piled ground beams
  • Design and detail plot specific traditional trench fill foundations deepened due to the influence of made ground and trees
  • Check each house type in turn for compliance with Part A of the Building Regulations and NHBC practice notes and provide supplementary structural calculations where required