Case Study – The Brettles Building

Belper, Derbyshire


The Brettles Building in Belper, Derbyshire was previously the home to the Brettles clothing company before which time it was used as a school. The building is situated in a World Heritage Site and for several years it has remained vacant. As a result parts of the building have become dilapidated and structurally unsafe.

A requirement of the planning authority before any work was carried out to the building was that a detailed structural survey was carried out to identify the cause of movement and to recommend appropriate remedial work. We were employed by Chevin Property (Derby) Ltd. to carry out this work.


  • Inspection and report on the existing condition of the structure
  • Recommendations for remedial works
  • Attendance at site meetings
  • To attend and provide evidence at a Planning Inspectorate hearing


  • Detailed inspection of the structure both internally and externally
  • Review of previous use’s of the building and its historic development to understand the various building phases
  • Report on the existing condition of the building to include drawings and photographs
  • Recommendations for repair and remedial works and possible areas for dismantling
  • Liaise with Structural Engineers from English Heritage